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Bach Session

Although it was not a goal to make a repertoire about Bach's work, we realized that by working with his music, our "pekatas" acquired such seductive dynamics that they intensely fueled our curiosity. We were simply having a lot of fun, which is why our first record work became in a monograph on Johann Sebastian Bach entitled "Bach Session".

1-JESÚS - Tenth movement of the Cantata "From the Heart, the mouth, the work and the life", "Jesus, joy and desire of men" BWV 147.

2-PEKATA Nº1- Fourth movement "Zion listens to the sentinels sing", belonging to the Cantata "Awake, the Voice calls us", BWV 140.
3- SYMPHONY Nº13 - BWV 799 from "Inventions and Symphonies" (inventions in two and three parts).
4- EL RAMAT PASTURA SERENAMENT – ninth movement of the Aria (soprano II) belonging to the profane cantata “What I like best, is the pleasant hunt” BWV 208
5- HABANERA- Polonesa from the Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor BWV 1067.
6- SYMPHONY NO. 7- BWV 793 of “Inventions and Symphonies” (inventions in two and three parts).

7- MAGDALENA- Musette in D major included in the second book of "Quadern para a Magdalena Bach" BWV 126.
8- BADINERIE- Badinerie for flute and strings from Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor BWV 1067

9- INVENTION Nº14- BWV 785 of “Inventions and Symphonies” (inventions in two and three parts).

10- AVE MARIA - "Meditation on the First Piano Prelude by J.S. Bach BWV 846" (C. Gounod)

11- BACHIANA in PRELUDE - Fusion of the "Prelude and Fugue" in C minor BWV 847 from the last book of "El Clave ben Temperat" and Aria (Cantilena) from Suite No. 5 of "Bachianas Brasileiras" (H. Villa Lobos).

12- EL CANT DELS OCELLS - Traditional Catalan carol.

13- CHINSAGU NO HANA / HANA - Traditional from Okinawa, Japan

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