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t e r r a m  n e x u m

Terram Nexum (2023) is an album inspired by the traditional and old music of the territories of the musical roots of the members of Pekata Mundi.​

Zui, Zui is a piece inspired by a Japanese children's song that is used to raffle the turn or to choose a playing teammate. 

El cant dels Ocells  is a traditional Catalan ballad that exposes the complaints of the ill-married or ill-married. Since the medieval lyric, there are constant songs that put a lamentation in the mouth of the newly married girl, in a society where weddings were usually agreed between the parents and the families, without the daughter having much intervention.

Dance Funk it is created with three movements of the dance of sticks from the Dance of Santa Orosia of Yebra de Basa in the Oscense Pyrenees.​

Kokiriko, Kokiriko bushi is one of Japan's oldest traditional songs. The lyrics explain what size the bamboo percussion instrument called kokiriko should be.

Copla de Hoguera is an instrumental jota collected in Daroca in the south of the province of Zaragoza.

Llibre Vermell de Montserrat. The purpose of the musical notations of this medieval codex is described in the manuscript itself."Since the pilgrims want to sing and dance while keeping vigil at night in the church of Santa Maria de Montserrat, and also in the light of day; and since no songs should be sung there that are not chaste and pious, the songs that appear here were written..."In all there are ten pieces from which we have selected these three: Stella Spledens, Polorum Regina and Los Seven Gotxs.

Déjame Subir al Carro. In the songbook of Mingote from the province of Zaragoza we find this desperate song before the farewell of the loved one.

Kazufumi Miyazawa composed the song Shima Uta after visiting the island of Okinawa and hearing the tragic stories that the war left in the souls of its inhabitants.

Un Día en las Carreras.A traditional piece from Tauste in the province of Zaragoza that serves to encourage the popular races where the prize for the winner was three chickens, two for the second, one for the third and an onion for the last one.

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